After Two Long Hard Days…

Last time we were out sailing, I had noticed some movement in the boomkim under load. After 43 years of service, I decided the old Apitong wooden boomkin needed to go. It served it’s purpose admirably, but needed to be replaced with a new kind of wood.
Good thing too, because as I went to remove them, they wouldn’t let go; 43 years is a long time. But a good lateral shove and they split right open at the bolts making their ultimate removal inevitable.

This was all that was holding up the mast.

After all this time, Nereus has all the “stuff” off the stern.

And, voilĂ ! New wood is stainless steel! AND it has a radar arch for mounting stuff!

Not done yet. Still have a few more days with it, but this “wood” will out last me!