Fleet Week Celebratory Sailing

In honor of Fleet Week and welcoming the Navy to San Pedro for festivities, we did what every cruising sailor who likes to be alone would do: we left. 

Warship 6

Heading out Angels Gate


We set sail Saturday late morning, deciding to head out to Catalina, where we knew our chances of picking up a mooring were slim and none. However, the weather was beautiful and it proved to be a great day on the water. 
The wind was out of the Southeast (unusual for this area), but we expected to clock back around to the west by afternoon, which indeed did happen. Regardless, we motor sailed most of day right into the Isthmus of Catalina Island. 

Land Ho!

Four hours later, we arrived. Sure enough, no moorings available. No worries. Such a beautiful day, let’s keep sailing. With the winds in our favor, we turned around and had a glorious sail back to San Pedro! 

Isthmus. Welcome to Two Harbors

Gorgeous day on the Pacific