Back in the Port

A lot has been happened aboard Nereus. First, we’ve moved back to Yacht Haven, and as such are back in the Port of Los Angeles. Things at our marina in Marina Del Rey began deteriorating quickly and my daughter wasn’t coming to the boat much any more, so I decided to go back where the bathrooms are nicer and the surroundings are quieter – and the rent is cheaper.

Nereus and I broke in a new mate, as the delightful Sanaz was shanghaied into service before the mast on this trip. We had a beautiful 30 mile sail around Palos Verdes and into Angeles Gate at San Pedro.

Sailing on calm pacific swell out of Marina del Rey

Since being back at Yacht Haven, I finished the hatch and replumbed/reworked the majority of the freshwater system. After 15 years, the old vinyl plumbing had had it. My goal was to redo the plumbing one final time. I decided using PEX pipe would be the way to go and those plastic push-on fittings, while expensive, would be easy… I was partially correct, but I think the topic deserves it’s own post to give it its full due. I’ll try to grab some photos next visit.

Port of Los Angeles in the Fog

In the meantime, the new restaurant onsite is excellent. It’s so quiet. It’s good to be “home.

– Steve